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On July 9, 2020 Council approved the next phase of cycling routes in the City’s All Ages and Abilities Network. Council passed several motions adopting the recommended designs for road safety improvements on Kings-Haultain, Kimta Road / E&N Connector, Government Street North, and Richardson Street. Council directed staff to make a few changes to the recommended designs including: not adding angled parking on Paul Kane and Cooperage Place as part of the Kimta/E&N project, and expanding the scope of the Haultain corridor project to include opportunities for traffic calming on Fernwood Road. Council also directed staff to proceed to detailed design and to incorporate project costs into the 2021 Draft Financial Plan.

Council also adopted the recommendation to temporarily designate the off-street bike path on Dallas Road, from Lewis Street to Ogden Point, to a multi-use pathway for a term of 18 months. This recommendation came in response to an increased demand for outdoor space in light of COVID-19 and balances City priorities around accessible spaces and ecological restoration in the park.

To view the comprehensive report, design materials, engagement appendices, or to watch the discussion that took place and hear the specific motions carried, please visit our website.

The staff report, and design appendices are found in the Committee of the Whole Agenda from July 2, 2020 (under item G.2). To view the design details, select Appendices A-F.

Further discussion on the projects and final motions passed to adopt the designs took place in the Council meeting to follow COTW (afternoon meeting) and Council meeting (evening meeting) on July 9, 2020. To view these meetings online, please visit our website.

Construction Updates

The Vancouver Street, Hillside-Quadra connector, and Harbour Road projects are now out to tender for construction. These projects represent a significant step in the growth of the City’s AAA cycling network. Once complete, these corridors will add ~4.8kms to the network, more than doubling its current size, extending to city limits and providing connections from the downtown core network to several neighbourhoods and to neighbouring municipalities.

Assuming a successful procurement process, construction is expected to start in summer 2020. Check back for further construction planning updates, coming soon. To receive construction updates on these projects via email, please email and ask to be added to the 2020 construction updates mailing list.

Postponed Engagement for Route Planning in James Bay and Jubilee

In spring 2020, the City was planning engagement activities around the final phases of network design for routes in the Jubilee and James Bay neighbourhoods. Following public health recommendations around the COVID-19 pandemic, the City postponed these engagement activities.

The City is still planning for road safety improvements in these neighbourhoods in 2021 and 2022 and is committed to collecting public input as part of the planning process. Stay tuned for future updates on these projects.

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The City of Victoria supports and encourages participation by people with disabilities in this engagement process. We are pleased to offer a range of supports including wheelchair accessible meeting locations, on-line and telephone input mechanisms, and descriptive project overviews for persons with vision loss. Please let us know if we can assist you in participating in any engagement events by emailing

About the Projects

Council has approved building a 32km AAA cycling network by the end of 2022 to improve road safety and to connect the downtown core to neighbourhoods, parks, recreation centres, employment areas, and schools. These investments are funded by federal gas tax programs, development cost charges, and external grants.

Each AAA project is focused on improving safety for pedestrians and cyclists while balancing the needs of all road users. There are generally three types of AAA infrastructure:

  • Off-Street Pathways (ex. Galloping Goose Regional Trail or Beacon Hill Park Pathways): provide a comfortable cycling experience where users are fully separated from vehicles. These are most convenient for travelling longer distances.

  • Protected Bike Lanes (One-Way or Two-Way): introduce a physical barrier between cyclists and vehicles. Applications include bike lanes buffered by on-street parking or other physical barriers such as concrete medians or planters. These often feature dedicated signal phases at intersections to allow cyclists and pedestrians to travel through without any conflict with vehicles.

  • Shared Use Road (Neighbourhood Bikeways or Painted Advisory Bike Lanes): used on local roads where vehicle speeds and volumes are lower. These provide important links from primary corridors to residential areas, schools, community centres – to the neighbourhood tissue.

Most of the City’s most recent AAA infrastructure has been implemented in the downtown core where vehicle volumes and speed require Protected Bike Lanes to maintain a comfortable cycling experience for All Ages and Abilities. As the projects move outside of the downtown core, AAA infrastructure improvements will look and feel different.

In all AAA cycling network projects, the City is taking a “complete streets” design approach to ensure the improvements also reflected the needs of emergency services, public transit, commercial and private vehicles.

2020 Projects Update

March 24, 2020

From October 2019 to January 2020, City staff collected public input through online and in person activities about the 2020 Bicycle Network Improvements on the following corridors:

  • Kings-Haultain
  • Government Street North
  • Richardson Street
  • Kimta Road

Over 1,000 participants including commuters, residents, and stakeholders provided input, comments, suggestions, and insights.

City staff recorded and reviewed all feedback, met with agency partners, undertook further technical analysis, and further refined the preliminary designs. In the first quarter of 2020, staff will present recommended designs to Council for consideration.

Due to unforeseen exceptional circumstances related to COVID-19, this presentation to Council has been postponed. For updates on these projects, check back regularly and subscribe to our active transportation distribution list.

Open House Announcement

November 18, 2019

Since October 11, we have been out in the community collecting input about 2020 Bicycle Network Improvement projects on the following corridors:

  • Kings-Haultain
  • Government Street North
  • Richardson Street
  • Kimta Road

Hundreds of participants have taken part through the online survey, neighbourhood meetings, on-street pop-ups and corridor tours, providing valuable insight into the priorities for road safety improvements.

This public feedback, together with other technical guidance and engineering standards, helped to inform full-length corridor designs. Full-length corridor designs are now ready for public comment.

Visit one of the scheduled Open House events to see full-length concepts and provide feedback on the proposed designs.
Open Houses are scheduled for November 30, and December 3, 5, and 7.
For full event details including times and locations, see the event listings in the right-side events bar.

Designs are also available online at Feedback can be submitted to

All feedback received will be considered in the preparation of recommended design concepts which will be presented to Council in early 2020.

Engagement kick-off

October 10, 2019

Planning is now underway for the next All Ages and Abilities (AAA) cycling corridors scheduled for 2020.

The purpose of this public engagement process is to gather feedback and determine which AAA design concepts best meet the needs of the community to improve road safety.

Next year the network will grow to include these new corridors:

  • Kings-Haultain
  • Government Street
  • Richardson Street
  • Kimta Road

Your input will help us determine which AAA design concepts best meet the needs of the community to improve road safety.

Opportunities to get involved and provide your input:

  • 2020 Bicycle Network Improvement Survey
  • Public corridor tours to explore existing conditions and areas of opportunity
  • Open house events to review detailed design options

Your ideas and feedback will help inform the development of full-length concepts that we will share later this fall at public open houses. Sign up to stay informed on upcoming engagement events and check back for ongoing updates on these cycling projects in your neighbourhood.

Take the Bicycle Network Improvement Survey here

You can choose to provide input on just your neighbourhood corridor or on all corridors you're interested in. The survey is open until November 30, 2019.


  • Confirm Network Alignment in Jubilee and James Bay
    Consultation on route selection and design options for network alignment in James Bay and Jubilee.
    Postponed due to COVID-19.
    Will be rescheduled in coming months.
  • Consultation on 2020 Projects
    October 2019-January 2020
    Design Consultation for Kings-Haultain, Richardson Street, Government Street North, and Kimta Road.
  • Council Approval of 2019 Projects
    August 2019
    Functional designs approved for Vancouver, Harbour, and Hillside-Quadra corridors – construction planned for 2020.
  • Renewed Implementation Approach
    February 2019
    Direction for combined corridor design and public engagement processes for remainder of AAA projects to complete the network by end of 2022.
  • Downtown AAA Network Development
    Construction of Pandora Avenue, Johnson Street multi-use deck, Fort Street, Wharf & Humboldt Streets.
  • AAA Bicycle Network Approved by Council
    May 2016
    Direction to develop a 32km network of safer cycling infrastructure

Level Of Engagement

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