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Following a public hearing at a Special Council Meeting on September 12, Council voted to approve the Fairfield Neighbourhood Plan and associated Official Community Plan amendments, including development permit guidelines.

Read the new Fairfield Neighbourhood Plan here

The updated Fairfield Neighbourhood Plan aims to:

  • recognize Cook Street Village as the heart of the neighbourhood and identify Fairfield Plaza (Fairfield Road at St Charles) and Five Points Village (adjacent to Moss Street Market and Sir James Douglas School) as important neighbourhood hubs
  • retain existing rental housing and add new rental housing
  • ensure that new housing fits within the character of the neighbourhood
  • support walking, cycling, and transits connections, reducing the need to rely on a car
  • support the preservation of natural areas, mature trees and green spaces

About the Project

Great neighbourhoods are shaped by the people who live, work and spend in them. Over the past three years, more than 1,900 participants have shaped the plan through in person events and more than 1,700 participants through online surveys. This shows just how much people care about the future of their neighbourhood!

The neighbourhood plan provides guidance on:

  • Where new housing and businesses go
  • What buildings look like
  • Transportation options for moving around the neighbourhood

It can be used by citizens and land owners to better understand community desires in different parts of the neighbourhood. Developers planning new projects can refer to it for guidance, and the City will use it to evaluate proposals and prioritize projects.

Public Hearing Thursday September 12

September 03, 2019

A public hearing on the Fairfield Neighbourhood Plan will be held Thursday, September 12 at 6:30 p.m. at Victoria City Hall. Members of the public can address Council in person or submit written correspondence to Written correspondence must be submitted by 2 p.m. on the day of the hearing and will form part of the public record and be published in the meeting agenda.

Drop-in child minding is available at City Hall for parents and caregivers who want to participate in the public hearing! Learn more here.

View the draft Fairfield Neighbourhood Plan in the Related Documents section on the bottom right-hand side.

Thank you!

July 02, 2019

Thank you to the 4,000 participants who have shaped the draft Fairfield Neighbourhood Plan over the past three years, including recent events in June. Council is expected to set a public hearing date for the Fairfield Neighbourhood Plan and related Official Community Plan amendments in July.

Public Input Opportunity on Revised Draft Plan

June 04, 2019

After hearing from the community in 2018, the draft Fairfield Neighbourhood Plan has been revised to reflect new directions for:

  • Cook Street Village
  • Fairfield Plaza
  • Moss at May Village
  • Five Points Village
  • traditional residential areas
  • northwest Fairfield

You can read more about these changes and the revised draft plan in the Related Documents section on the bottom right-hand side.

Provide your input through the online survey by Thursday, June 20 or visit us at the Moss Street Market Saturday, June 8 or at an open house at Fairfield Community Centre Garry Oaks Room on Saturday, June 15. Visit the Events section at the top right for more information.

Your input will help inform Council's consideration of a new Fairfield Neighbourhood Plan.

Fairfield Neighbourhood Plan Update

April 11, 2019

Staff presented a draft neighbourhood plan, design guidelines and proposed Official Community Plan (OCP) amendments for the Fairfield neighbourhood based on previous Council direction which built on public engagement. Council recommended further focused community engagement and returning with the proposed plan, guidelines and OCP amendments for adoption later this year. Council directed a minor change to the proposed future direction for Fairfield Plaza. As part of future implementation work, Council directed staff to prepare an economic analysis and option for pre-zoning certain lots for four-and-six-plex developments with significant affordability requirements.

Gentle Density, Cook St Village & Fairfield Plaza

August 15, 2018

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Cook Street storefront! Close to 400 people attended over the course of two weeks to find out more about Gentle Density and to look at future plans for the Village. Congratulations and thank you to the members of the two steering committees that led this initiative. These committed residents and business owners worked tirelessly over the last three months with the City to develop the information and engage with the community.

Fairfield Plaza

June 25, 2018

We continue to work with the stakeholder groups to engage with the community about Cook Street Village and the Gentle Density Program. In the meantime, Council has also directed staff to work closely with the community to find a compromise for the Fairfield Plaza. We will be in touch with opportunities to get involved in developing policies for the future of the site.

Council Approves Motions

April 16, 2018

On Thursday, March 15, City Council approved motions from a Council workshop on the draft Fairfield Neighbourhood Plan (held on February 22 and March 1, 2018). The motions provide direction to staff on changes to the plan content and further engagement with the neighbourhood. Review the motions here. Based on Council direction, we will be engaging further on Cook Street Village, Ross Bay Village (Fairfield Plaza) and the gentle density model. Check back here for updates on next steps or sign-up to receive email updates on the plan at

Urban Design Workshop

June 14, 2017

A two day design workshop was held to dig deeper into urban design elements in key areas of Fairfield: Cook Street Village, north-west corner, Ross Bay Village (Fairfield Plaza) and Moss/May Street and Moss/Fairfield Road. Approximately 70 members of the public attended the public pin-up session at the end of the Design Workshop.



  • Public Hearing
    September 12, 2019
    Public Hearing for Council's consideration of a new neighbourhood plan for Fairfield
  • Revised Draft Plan Engagement
    June 2019
    Community review of the revised neighbourhood plan
  • Council Consideration of Public Input
    Sept 2018
    Council consideration of public input and direction to revise plan
  • Gentle Density, Cook St Village & Fairfield Plaza
    Jul - Aug 2018
    Community-led conversations about new housing in the community and future plans for Cook St Village and Fairfield Plaza
  • Draft Plan Engagement
    Nov 2017 - Feb 2018
    An opportunity for the community to provide feedback on the early draft of the plan
  • Design Workshop
    Jun 12 - 13, 2017
    Exploring urban design elements in Cook Street Village, Fairfield Plaza and the North-west corner
  • Growth Options, Housing & Heritage
    April - May 2017
    How should the neighbourhood grow? What will new housing look like?
  • Co-Create
    Oct - Nov 2016
    Digging deeper into key issues in the community including a series of forums on housing, urban villages, transportation, parks and more
  • Imagine
    Jun - Aug 2016
    Building a vision and goals for the neighbourhood
  • Pre-planning
    April - May 2016
    Considerations and issues for the Fairfield Neighbourhood Plan

Level Of Engagement

Learn more about the City's Engagement Framework here.


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