Go Victoria will establish a new framework for moving people, goods and services and will identify strategies and indicators for assessing the performance of transportation in our capital city. The planning process will include data analysis and community input to identify how we can improve transportation safety, mobility options, and enhance the overall experience of getting around. Whether you call Victoria home, commute into the city, or are here for a visit, Go Victoria is an important strategy that will address:
  • Walking, cycling, skateboarding, public transit, and driving
  • Using mobility services, such as taxis, ride-hailing, water taxis, car-share, or bike-share
  • Curb space and parking management, including passenger loading
  • Goods and services movement, including deliveries and commercial loading
  • Long-distance travel, such as float planes, ferries, and cruise ships
  • New and emerging technology that is making mobility more open, integrated, and seamless
The next phase of community engagement is currently underway with an opportunity for residents to share their transportation values with the City. We want to know what your priorities are and talk about the potential trade-offs that exist when considering different transportation options, so please take the time to take our online survey to provide your feedback on topics such as: •New Technologies vs. Traditional Mobility •Storage vs. Loading •Convenience vs. Safety •Place vs. Flow •Current Residents vs. Future Residents •Maintaining vs. Building •Regional vs. Local Fill out the survey here:


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