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Do employers in Victoria share the same value and spirit?

Answer is NO. I came here with 17 years of international working experience. Victoria employers asked me to start at entry level job, the lowest possible level. I said fine. I completed my masters degree in Victoria from a reputed university and knocked on the doors of the employers again. They didn't open the door, not even to check who is knocking! It is frustrating to start my career from scratch again. This is so unwelcoming experience for me and my family. I am living in Victoria for last 2.5 years and trying to secure a decent job for over 6 months now. No employer is ready to employ me either based on my wide work experience, or based on my masters in management degree here. They are just offering me entry level jobs, and I am not alone. I know hundreds of my friends struggling here. It is disheartening to see Engineers and Lawyers flipping burgers and delivering food to doorsteps! It is a huge waste of talent & resources and adding negativity to the newcomers' community. I am on work permit. There are many federal/provincial funded organizations helping to newcomers on PR, but no one to help to people on study/work permit. I could just get a little help from VIRCS, that's it. I read everyday that Canada has immigration target of millions of people... who is going to see their wellbeing? Who is going to ensure if they are getting proper work/jobs? All other initiatives are waste, if the main earning source is not taken care of.