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Safety First

I have lived in Victoria most of my life, and I have lived in James Bay for the last 20+ years..

Safety needs to be prioritized in our city. The police and bylaw services need to be funded appropriately to make this city safe again. There are so many people who won't come downtown anymore because of the sense that the city is no longer safe. And it hasn't been safe over the past year -- too many incidences of violence. It needs to be safe for everyone, the housed and unhoused alike. I no longer feel as safe as I used to -- if I walk downtown am I going to be threatened with a knife or a crowbar, or ...?

The provincial government and VIHA need to provide the mental health supports that people need. The City's job is to keep us safe. Reducing funding for the police before those supports are in place is just foolhardy.

One of my favourite things about downtown is Christmas -- I love the lights and the parade, it makes it feel like a smaller and more welcoming town. So bring back the Christmas lights in 2021.