WHAT: What is the Welcoming City Strategy?

    The Welcoming City Strategy will be a roadmap to guide Victoria towards becoming a stronger, more inclusive community by bridging the gap between newcomers and long-time residents. 

    WHO: Who will be involved?

    •  The Task Force is providing their expertise and lived experience and reaching out to their community partners and stakeholders to inform and support this work.     
    • The Welcoming City Strategy will be based on input and feedback from the Welcoming City Task Force, community experts  and Victoria newcomers and long-time residents. 

    WHY: What is the desired outcome of a Welcoming City strategy?

    • The Welcoming City Strategy will help foster a neighbourly community where all residents, including newcomers, immigrants and refugees are accepted, respected and feel that they belong. 
    • A welcoming city invites curiosity for both newcomers and long-time residents, where actions and activities bring connection, build trust, and provide opportunities to discover common values, desires and lived experiences. 

    HOW: How will the process work?

    • We are asking you to share your expertise and lived experiences to inform a Welcoming City Strategy that fosters inclusivity, understanding and collaboration across cultures. 
    • Throughout this engagement we want to encourage community connections, foster trusting relationships, uncover shared values, and welcome everyone’s unique perspective.  
    • The Welcoming City Strategy is based on the Welcoming Standard, which is an international system of established requirements and indicators that outline the core of what it means for a community to be welcoming and set out the smart local policies, programs, and partnerships that give communities a welcoming edge.