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Council has directed staff to:

  • draft recommendations for zoning regulations, design guidelines and policy updates for Missing Middle housing forms
  • conduct engagement with stakeholders and the community to help shape the Missing Middle regulatory framework
  • identify suitable locations for Missing Middle housing
  • report back with recommendations for City-initiated rezoning
  • include a strong affordability lens throughout this process for the creation and loss of both rental and strata units

Next Steps

Over the next year, the City will undertake research and analysis to inform a new approach that will make it easier to build more ‘Missing Middle’ housing in Victoria. Housing stakeholders and community members will inform and guide policy recommendations. In late 2020, Council will consider implementing a new approach including policies, zoning, and design guidelines.

About the Project

With Victoria’s population expected to reach close to 110,000 over the next 20 years, more housing is required to meet the needs of families, working professionals, and seniors looking for a choice other than a downtown high-rise condo or a single-family home.

Creating more housing close to where people work, shop, and do business benefits the community. It reduces emissions and traffic congestion by providing more opportunities for people to walk, ride a bike, take transit or join a car share – rather than drive a car. It can also support affordability if individuals can reduce expenses related to vehicle ownership and parking, heating costs and yard maintenance. Spending less time in traffic also allows people time to spend more with their family.

Creating more ‘Missing Middle’ housing is one of several initiatives under Victoria’s Housing Strategy. The strategy is the City’s roadmap for creating more housing for people of all ages and stages in life, including those in need of affordable and accessible housing, renters, families, working professionals, and seniors.

Level Of Engagement

Learn more about the City's Engagement Framework here.


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