Why are these proposed changes being suggested?

    City Council believes that these changes would help reconcile some geographic anomalies and improve residents’ sense of place.

    How will these proposed changes affect me?

    If you reside within the boundaries of these proposed changes, your City neighbourhood and corresponding neighbourhood association would change, should the boundary be relocated.

    Will residents who would be affected by the possible boundary changes be notified about the survey directly?

    Yes, residents affected by the boundary changes will be notified by mail drop.

    How do we know the implications associated with a possible boundary change?

    Council identified potential benefits for relocating each of the proposed boundaries. Residents are being asked whether they support the change on this basis and to provide feedback on positive and negative impacts they perceive. Staff do not believe there are significant implications for the City other than the affected areas would fall under a different neighbourhood association.

    Why is Council suggesting these changes now?

    There has been ongoing informal discussion surrounding suggested boundary adjustments for several years. Council included this topic in the City's Strategic Plan and committed to holding a workshop to formally address the discussion in February. In addition, they have asked City staff to consult with residents.

    What is the timeline for these changes to be made if approved?

    The survey closes on June 18th. Staff will engage residents throughout May to June and report back to Council in September 2021. If approved, the changes would be formally adopted and the Official Community Plan and Local Area and Neighbourhood Plans would be amended in 2022.

    Will survey respondents be able to register their opinions on all boundaries?

    Yes. All residents will be able to answer any survey question. Residents will also be required to indicate which neighborhood they live in.

    What type of questions will be asked on the survey?

    The survey will include slider scale questions with answers ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree.

    How will the survey results be used?

    Results pertaining to specific neighbourhooods will be provided to the neighbourhood associations to inform their submission to the City on boundary changes. Full survey results will be circulated to the public in September.

    When will we know the results of the survey?

    The survey results will be included in the staff report to Council in September and will be made available at that time.