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Following the advice from BC’s Public Health Officer for physical distancing and avoiding large groups, the City has decided to postpone all in-person public engagement until further notice.

Next Steps

Thank you to everyone who completed the online survey. We expect to have more information on next steps soon.

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About the Project

Village and corridor planning is an opportunity for the community to provide local knowledge, values and priorities to guide growth and change in a specific area of the city. 

This community input helps us achieve city-wide goals in the Official Community Plan , Victoria Housing Strategy , Climate Leadership Strategy, Sustainable Mobility Strategy , Parks and Open Spaces Master Plan at a local level.

The result is updated plans, guidelines and regulations that guide new housing and businesses development and public space design. 

Home builders and developers planning new projects can refer to the community and neighbourhood plan for guidance and the City will use them to assist in evaluating proposed projects.

Check out the Village and Corridor Planning Backgrounder for more information on the topics that are being explored for this project.

Working Group Holds First Meeting

January 02, 2020

The Working Group for Phase 1 has been established and the first kick-off meeting was held on December 16. City staff and the Working Group are now identifying opportunities for early engagement. Please subscribe to our email list to stay informed.

Local Volunteers to Help Guide Village and Corridor Planning

December 01, 2019

Local community members volunteers will be working collaboratively with City staff to help guide each phase of planning.  The working group’s role is to broaden planning discussions by serving as a liaison to the community 

The group will provide feedback on engagement activities and helps ensure that the updated plans reflect what we heard, reflecting on public input and local knowledge. The makeup of the Working Group reflects the diversity of the local community, including renters and homeowners in Victoria (approximately 60% renter / 40% homeowner). In addition, the group will strive to include representation from: 

  • Community serving organizations
  • Arts/culture groups
  • Local businesses
  • Youth
  • Families with children
  • People with lower incomes
  • Seniors
  • Indigenous peoples
  • Multi-cultural groups and new Canadians
  • Design professionals

Funding for Neighbourhood Association Led-Work

October 24, 2019

Council has approved funding for neighbourhood associations to lead projects for their areas. $10,000 will be provided to each neighbourhood association, with an additional $10,000 (a total of $20,000) provided to Oaklands and James Bay associations to support additional independent work they may wish to undertake while they await city-led planning in their neighbourhoods.

Activities should be relevant to village and corridor planning and include a broad diversity of voices. Community association-led projects will help inform new or updated policy directions for neighbourhoods. The funding does not replace the staff and financial resources that will be available for city-led work.

New direction for local area planning

October 23, 2019

Council has approved a new direction for local area planning which will focus on planning for neighbourhood villages and mobility corridors. Village and corridor planning will include consideration of housing options, mobility needs, and public spaces desired to build a more sustainable and inclusive community over the next 10 to 20 years.


  • Council Direction
    October 2019
  • Quadra, Fernwood, North Park Villages
    Early engagement with community
    February – March 2020
  • Quadra, Fernwood, North Park Villages
    Speakers Event and Workshop Series
    April – May 2020
  • Quadra, Fernwood, North Park Villages
    Public input on workshop results
    June 2020
  • Quadra, Fernwood, North Park Villages
    Review of public input with working group
    June / July 2020
  • Council consideration of draft directions
    July 2020
  • Rockland, Fernwood, Jubilee
    Fall 2020 through 2021
  • Oaklands and James Bay
    Fall 2021 through 2022

Level Of Engagement

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